Software@Work: Assisting Businesses in Choosing the Right Business software

CIO Vendor Growing businesses today are looking for ERP systems for automating their businesses and managing customers, inventories, production and finances. However, most of them face challenges in finding the right ERP software for simplifying their business processes. Mumbai headquartered Software@Work comes to their rescue and assists them in finding the right ERP software. The company helps businesses in defining their needs, matching the needs to available functionality and making the right business software choice for the organization. The company has a SoftwareHunt division that tries to educate them. “SoftwareHunt is like a doctor who first understands the pain areas and then suggests the remedy. Unlike a sales-oriented approach where the key goal is to sell certain software and achieve a sales target, we take a consultative approach,” says CA Vikram Seth, CEO of the company.

The company follows a diagnostic process and documents the client’s key needs and challenges. Once it is done, its starts with the process of matching the needs with available solutions. Some of the solutions are directly sold and implemented by 3rd party vendors based on the company’s recommendations. The client is under no obligation to procure the software and related services from the company and it points them to the best service/solution providers.

Cloud-based Remote Access of Data
In the era of technology and business advancement, staying connected with your business is crucial for running a successful business. Since organizations face challenges while trying to retrieve data from multiple locations, Tally Sync services ensure that the data flows to various locations on a continuous basis using the internet. Cloud based ERP software is a focus area. For real-time data availability across various locations, the company assists its customers in hosting ERP on the cloud enabling them to access information 24X7 from any location.
Real-Time ERP Integration and Customization
The Integration services are used for interchanging data between the ERP and various other databases such as SAP, Siebel, SQL Server, MS Excel or other data sources. Services are rendered either in batch mode or in realtime. The Software@Work team’s experienced consultants and developers have executed hundreds of projects to customize ERP as per the users’ requirements and they also ensure that the users have implemented these functionalities already in their businesses before getting it customized.

Solving challenges of companies who operate in multiple locations
Software@Work has planned to verticalize its offerings by putting in a lot of efforts to educate customers regarding its products and services. By conducting regular workshops and seminars and with its SoftwareHunt offering, the company expects to meet more organizations who are interested in expanding their businesses. Finally, through its established partner network, Software@ Work is keen to offer solutions by reaching every part of the country that is currently not serviceable by software product companies and find it challenging to operate in multi locations.