20 Most Promising ERP Companies - 2014

20 Most Promising ERP Companies - 2014

When a business runs at a small scale with small number of people and few defined processes, it is easier for managers to organize, control and track things. But as the business starts wearing bigger shoes to grab their foothold into new horizons, there is an upsurge in the number of employees, activities, workflows, procedures, and processes that are countless. With ever increasing ambitions of businesses to make their shadow fall on expanded geographies and customers, this kind of incoherent and not so integrated system brings down the productivity and profitability and adversely affects growth. Implementing an effective ERP solution could help businesses streamline variety of processes, log them and track them without any time or place constraints.

Few giant ERP providers rule the market. But not to ignore other emerging players who are coming up with competitive and innovative ERP solutions that may change the game. They are betting high on certain emerging trends that might add up to the power of ERP in the coming future with solutions like Cloud ERP, Tally integrated ERP, Social ERP, Mobility and others.

Addressing the crucial need of CIOs and IT leaders to find the perfect ERP provider, SiliconIndia identifies “20 Most Promising ERP Companies”. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analytics including SiliconIndia’s editorial board scrutinized the list of ERP companies through the entire year. The list intends to help you pick the ERP vendor that suits your specific requirement and help your enterprise realize greater efficiency, faster time to market, decrease in operational cost, expansion in customer base and much more.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising ERP Companies - 2014.

Company Name Company Description
4i Apps Solutions A provider of Oracle Applications consulting, end-to-end implementation and services to automate business processes like ERP, BI, Business Continuity amongst others
ADSG Software Technologies A provider of ERP modules for finance & accounting, pre and post sales management, pre and post purchase management and others that is completely based on Windows and is user friendly software
All e Technologies A provider of ERP & CRM solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics
Bellsoft India A provider of Software Development & Business Process Outsourcing for ERP, CRM and Data Warehousing products
BigSun Technologies A provider of ERP software products in the domains of Manufacturing, Engineering, Media, Warehousing and Healthcare with integrated ecommerce
DeepBiz Technologies A provider of advanced enterprise fleet ERPs with focus on logistics research, tracking and security services, telematics and manufacture of entire range of GPS services
Eastern Software Systems A provider of ERP with vertical solutions for about 20 verticals, Application Development and Maintenance Services and IT Outsourcing Services
eresource Infotech A provider of end-to-end solutions that leverage technology enabling customers to grow their business through its web-based ERP solutions
Exa Infotech A provider of enterprise solution ERP called erPro that helps enterprises to get the maximum potential of an entperprise by creating a mix of manpower, equipment and resource, to capitalize on...
InteGREATZ ERP A provider of high quality, cost effective & user friendly business process improvement solutions to enable customers leverage technology for their business gain
ITAakash Strategic Software A provider of StrategicERP which is a software platform for start-to-end process automation, information management system customized for real estate, construction and infrastructure industry
KVN Software A provider and developer of IBS ERP platform on which integrated business solutions can be developed using MS SQL Server as the backend database
Marg Compusoft A provider of integrated business application software and end-to-end, industry-specific solutions for Retail(POS),Distribution (SCM)& Manufacturing
Promantia Global Consulting A provider of Open bravo ERP software and services on the same platform.
SAFAL INFOSOFT A provider of ERP solutions, Turnkey Customized Solution Development, Mobile Application Software and others
Sage Software India A provider of wide range of ERP and CRM related business management software products and solutions
SalesBabu A provider of On-Demand ERP to help clients maintain inventory level, buffer stock, manage vendors, purchase planning and other products including CRM, Service Management and Payroll
Sanganak Technologies provider of customized, cost efficient and usable ERP solutions using open source technologies that caters sales, purchase, warehouse, manufacturing, project, HR and others
Shapia Software Solutions A provider of complex ERP software that helps large and small businesses in their living and non-living resource planning and conjecturing
Street Light Software A provider of ERP, SaaS based products to serve the technology, software & automation needs of small and medium software companies and consultants