Logic ERP Solutions Delivering Industry-specific and Total Integrated Erp Solution

CIO Vendor Resource Planning (ERP) has been one of the major drivers of organizational success, improving business efficiency. Deployment of ERP solutions is defining the technology structure within organizations and they are looking towards solutions that utilize their resources in the most optimal way. However, while ERP solutions offer improved productivity, increased efficiencies and streamlined processes, one of the key problems with ERP systems in an ever-changing IT environment is that the internal complexity of the software makes upgrading the system a huge software development effort. Currently, the market mostly offers generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ ERP solutions. This proves to be a downside because organizations with industry-specific functionalities find this approach an incredible failure as it does little to address their strict compliance and traceability requirements. With varying degrees of success, such solutions lack the capability to address the unique requirements of certain verticals that would more likely benefit from a more in-depth and customized solution. Recognizing these failures, there has been an emergence of industryspecific ERPs with the need for barely any customization to cater to a broad spectrum of companies’ unique business processes.

Joining this niche league of industry-specific ERP solution providers is Mohali headquartered LOGIC ERP Solutions with its novel and innovative ‘Total Integrated ERP Solution’ which is a Vertical Ready Business Application as well as Industry-specific and Module-specific ERP Software application that can be deployed within the stipulated amount of time. “We at LOGIC ERP are adopting a standard implementation methodology and continuously improving the procedure and process in the duration of our 25-year tenure. We are not only adopting industry standards, but our exposure and experiences enhance our ability to put it into practice. We are ready with a vertical-specific approach within our ERP solution implementation for different verticals,” adds Swarndeep Singh, Managing Director, LOGIC ERP Solutions.

Aligning ERP with Industry Requirements
Helping businesses achieve their set business goals since 1993, Logic ERP has honed its skills and expertise in the ERP domain and facilitates its huge client base with integrated ERP Software for RETAIL, DISTRIBUTION & MANUFACTURING, which offers flexibility and scalability at an economical cost. LOGIC ERP is available On- Premises both as Desktop-based and Browser-based online deployment as well as on SaaS Model on Cloud. The technically adept team at Logic ERP designs and develops solutions that meet and exceed the specific needs of respective verticals. The team assists mid-sized to large businesses in addressing key concerns, reviewing business performances and mapping out strategic decisions to thrive in their respective markets.

LOGIC ERP provides ERP solutions for Retail, Distribution, and Manufacturing across six verticals where the ERP is also covering more than 40 micro-verticals. Mr. Swarndeep Singh tells us how he believes LOGIC ERP is one of the most accepted and widely used ERP for Apparel, Footwear and the Fashion verticals for manufacturing to Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Retail Supply chain for end-to-end operations in the Retail & POS, Dealer Distributions, Marketplace as well as eCommerce sectors. The ERP platform by LOGIC has established itself as an ERP solution by integrating all departments of Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and Finance as well as HRMS onto a single dashboard for all stakeholders of each department to obtain a holistic view of real-time data across all the stages and make better decisions. “Logic Enterprise-Total Integrated ERP Solution is a modular and granular based solution. It is largely scalable and flexible with configurable capabilities that deliver timely and on-demand solutions for new required functionalities. It provides Management Information Systems (MIS) and a Dashboard to departments for instant decisions,” explains Mr. Singh.

Redefining the Retail Realm
Dishing out services that better engage customers and bring customer delight is no longer just a sales function but has formed an integral part of the performance delivery process. To fulfill the customers’ demands across the value chain whether it is on website, a chain of retail, marketplace as well as distribution networks, LOGIC ERP is ceaselessly working towards strengthening the Enterprise Supply Chain and Supply Chain Demand, Planning and Execution sectors.
While this market demands omni-channel functionalities for manufacturers, the ERP solution achieves just that in the Retail IT Technology and Retail Supply chain segment with highly configurable, scalable and robust embedded modules that work in tandem to control, plan and schedule business processes based on the assimilated data. Additionally, the Enterprise Order Management and Supply chain functionalities work in parallel to the GST Regime.

We at Logic Erp Are Adopting A Standard Implementation Methodology and Continuously Improving the Procedure and Process in the Duration of Our 25- Year Tenure

Consolidating Warehouse Operations
Businesses are consolidating their siloed warehouse dataacross disparate systems onto a single, central and comprehensive WMS. The solution enhances WMS functionalities with Space Plan and Supply Chain Execution, automating warehouse functionalities with robotic picking and packing in collaboration with partner ecosystem with the aim of ensuring the smooth functioning of the WMS. Auto Space Planning and Execution streamlines the picking and packing process as well as optimizes the delivery cycle reducing single day delivery by implementation of Auto Replenishment Modules. “Recently, LOGIC ERP also integrated to SSI SCHAEFER, WMS infra and Automation System and deployed it at some of their Customers,” informs Mr. Singh.

Easy and Smooth Transition to GST Regime
GST in India was perceived as a challenge to the industry and businesses struggled to get it implemented as well as get through the process and make it useful. LOGIC ERP stands with Industry as IT enabler to ease the transformation of GST. The company implemented GST on the very first day at all billing points of its customers which was again a challenge for LOGIC ERP itself to get all companies GST ready in single day. GST was later followed by GST Returns filing through ASP and GSP where as an ASP, the company provided functionalities to help businesses return their taxes, and then e-Way bill got implemented across all customers.

Climbing the Success Ladder
Amongst a long list of organizations which LOGIC ERP has worked with, Jain Amer Clothing Pvt Ltd (Madame) is one of the most well-renowned organizations. The client approached the company where they faced a huge scope of work that demanded 150 retail outlets, 50 dealers/distributors and 2 factories to exist on a common platform. Post conducting market researches, studying the business needs and pitching the plan to the stakeholders, LOGIC ERP implemented the ERP solution for manufacturing that simultaneously managed the in-house production and a large number of workers, and the whole retail chain of all the franchises. The company owned EBO on Cloud and all the 150 POS systems were functioning on cloud, such a huge number in real-time POS despite most locations being non-metro and tier two cities. Now with a unified inventory and stock of POS, the designated employee is equipped with a single view of sales and inventory of the group of companies along with an Auto Replenishment Module.

Gearing Up for the Future
Logic ERP has secured one of the topmost positions in this domain with its operational facility, branch offices, and associated partners spread across every metropolitan city in India. Apart from implementation and support, Logic ERP has a state-of-the-art R&D Centre situated in Mohali that continually strives to explore potential leads and improve existing products to make ERP users feel more ease of use and make it more intuitive for their daily operations.

The company has recently made advancements in the Mobile Technology arena with its comprehensive suite of Mobility Solutions for Dashboard, Approval, and Alerts, Enterprise order taking from Mobiles and Tablets. As consumers get more and more digitally advanced, LOGIC ERP intends to continue to stay abreast of advancing technologies and form alliances with global players or experts to leverage AI, Chatbots and other new era digital technologies to fulfil the future requirements of digital consumers.