Sloka Telecom is a Radio Access Network (RAN) solution provider. It is a pioneer in designing, developing and selling compact and cost-effective Base Stations and Consumer Premise Equipment (CPE) for new standards- WiFi 11n, 11ac and WiMAX. Sloka uses its revolutionary patent-pending architecture (SDBSA) that gives it a technology and price advantage in making the smallest and cheapest base stations and CPEs.

Sloka's product suite includes WiFi & WiMAX solutions targeting BWA operators and customers, consisting of base stations, CPEs, AAA and NMS, and has made deployments in various countries including emerging markets like India. Sloka makes rollout of broadband wireless networks simple and cost-effective – offering extremely compact base stations that are all outdoor units, which can be put on any tower, lamp post, traffic light, saving substantial cost in installations and operations.

Sloka was founded in 2004 and is based in Bangalore, India. It has some of the best radio access network engineers in its team. Sloka is constantly solving various engineering problems to provide technologically advanced, cost-effective and most appropriate solutions for broadband wireless, voice, and video applications, for rural and urban markets.
Reliable all-wireless network from your NOC all the way to the end user 300 Mbps PTP connectivity to backhaul your traffic to NOC 120 Mbps PMP per location to connect hundreds of end users End user connection on WiFi (or Ethernet) Sloka PTP solution used between two locations 9km apart IP Camera and Display monitor are connected to Video Streaming device over WiFi PTP LinkA dedicated and live link of 4Mbps established with minimum latency and tolerable jitter Sloka Telecom offers Broadband wireless access products and solutions It is a pioneer in designing, developing and selling compact and cost-effective Base stations and Consumer premise equipment (CPE) .

Sloka Telecom has deployed networks for various ISPs in India, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia in the licensed and unlicensed spectrum Founded in 2004 and is based in Bangalore, India